How to Clean Smelly Sneakers

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smelly-sneakersHere, I’ll share with you some tips on how to clean smelly sneakers. I received them from one of my friends – she is working in a professional cleaning London company as a cleaner. She let the cat out of the bag and shared with me some of their simple tricks and now I’ll share them with you. I hope that I will help you to deal with your smelly sneakers and to clean them quickly and effectively.

Reading the instructions below should help you to handle the “smelly” problem. Like I’ve already said, my friend works as a professional cleaner in London and I recommend to you listening to her tips. In the steps below, she will explain exactly how to clean smelly sneakers.

  1. Take a bowl and fill it with clean water. Add a bit of soap or dishwasher and wash your sneakers. Cleaning London experts advise you to scrub them very gently to prevent causing any damages.
  2. My friend reveals the best trick to clean smelly sneakers, which a professional cleaner London can give to you as well. Put a baking soda into your smelly sneakers. Leave it there for a night. On the next day the smell will be gone.
  3. Now, cleaning London experts will offer to you a few solutions to keep your sneakers from getting smelly again. The easiest solution is to spray your shoes with perfume and to get rid of future odours. Another option is to buy some special shoe spray. It’s maybe more effective than your perfume, because it doesn’t only “mask” the odour.

For more tips on how to clean smelly sneakers, call a professional cleaner London. They are all experts like my friend, so they will help you with valuable tricks and advice.

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