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newspaper-vaseSomehow my home is always cluttered with old newspapers, although I’m not subscribed to even one issue. I used to throw away or recycle them, but then I began to wonder if there is some other way that I can reuse them. And then I found the new home décor trend, called upcycle. So instead of getting rid of the newspapers and throwing them to waste, now I transform and find a new function for them. Wonder how I do it? Find out in the list of ways to reuse old newspapers below:

  1. Light a fire. If you have a fireplace, you can easily light it up by using rolled newspapers.
  2. Clean glass surfaces or windows. Crumple a few sheets of newsprint, dip them into a mixture of water and vinegar and you can start the green window cleaning.
  3. Wrap gifts. Instead of buying expensive decorating paper, you can choose an interesting page, which will be much more fun than the usual gift wrap.newspaper-gift
  4. Make gift bags. Choose a newspaper page with a colourful accent and create a bag from it. Your gifts will definitely make their receiver smile.newspaper-bags
  5. Use for wallpapers. Bring a modern touch in your home décor, by papering one of the walls in a room with old newspaper pages.newspaper-wallpaper
  6. Pack fragile items. If you want to transport glasses, plates or other fragile items, wrap them up in newspapers to ensure their safety.
  7. Ripen fruits. If you have bought fruits or vegetables that are still green and not ready for consumption, you can wrap them in newspaper so they can ripen faster.
  8. Papier mache. The old newsprints are perfect for all kind of fun projects and home decoration, like this bowl for example.paper-mache-bowl
  9. Origami. This type of art is not so difficult as you think – just watch several videos online and start practising.newspaper-flowers
  10. Decorate. You can make different ornaments for decorating your home, you just need to have some inspiration.newspaper-decoration
  11. Make toys. The more creative parents can go beyond decorating and even make a toy for their children from reused newspapers.newspaper-toys
  12. Create furniture. Sounds unbelievable, but I actually came upon this picture of a stool made from old newspapers.newspaper-stool
  13. Decoupage. Use this technique in combination with newspapers and in no time you can change the look and style of an old piece of furniture.newspaper-decoupage
  14. Filling. Fill in the shoes or bags, that you aren’t currently using, with newsprint in order to keep their shape.
  15. Make jewellery beads. By rolling old magazines or newspapers you can create unique pieces of jewellery.newspaper-jewellery

Hope that I have inspired you for reusing and upcycling your old newspapers. However, be careful, because you can become addicted and start reusing even some of your favourite books or important documents, such as the inventory report.
Just kidding of course. Enjoy!

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