House Maintenance Tips For The Winter

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The time has come for you to prepare your home for the cold weather. These steps, most of which you can do on your own, will decrease your utility bills and protect your dwelling. Repairs are very challenging during the winter so thinking ahead of time is important. However a few things can still be done to save you major headaches later. Go through this checklist and you will be able to prevent some problems with your Islington residence during the cold months.winter-house

For Those Having Fireplace it is Time For Chimney Cleaning

If you have a fireplace and you are using it on a regular basis, your chimney probably built up lots of creosote on the. This material is flammable and it needs to be removed to prevent fires and smoky fireplace. Doing it yourself is messy so if you can afford it call chimney sweepers to avoid all this hassle. How quickly your chimney will accumulate this waste material depends mostly on the type of wood that you are burning, pines for example burn fast and have the most resin. If you are burning this type of wood make sure that you clean your chimney on every two cords that you burn (around 7 cubic meters).

Buy Firewood Before The Season

Firewood costs more during the winter so it will be better to prepare in advance because you will be able to save from 10% to 20% for a cubic meter. There are plenty of choices for firewood and all of them have their pros and cons. The smell of fir creates lovely aroma and greatly contributing for the holiday atmosphere in your Islington N1 house. However fir does not last very long compared to oak, in several hours it will be gone and you won’t be able to find any hot coals. The need for constant replenishment makes it a hassle. Cord, oak, walnut would all last longer and are better choices for frequent fire burners.

Check The Windows and Doors For Air Leaks

Making home improvements such as insulating your walls significantly improves the energy efficiency of your home. However it is too late for this, because the temperatures are already too low, such enhancements are done during the fall. So what else can you do? A lot of heat is lost trough the frames of doors and windows. You can easily check if there are air leaks just looking at the fire of a lighter while going around the frame. If the fire is trembling a lot try to caulk any holes in the frame. Apply thin bead on the outside frame where it meets the wall, use silicone caulk as it is not affected as much from the cold temperatures.

Carpets Significantly Decrease The Heat Loss Trough The Floor

If you have properly installed carpets in your home your heat energy bill should be 8-12% smaller than people who don’t. Not only carpets contribute for the cozy atmosphere in your house but they warm feet during the cold. Remember the rule with any insulation material, the thicker it is the greater thermal insulation it will provide, the sames goes for carpets and carpet padding.

If you have not cleaned your carpets and rugs, doing it before the holidays is a great way to freshen your home. Thorough vacuuming would not be enough and you still need deep carpet cleaning once a year. Most carpet cleaning companies in Islington N1 provide great deals during the winter as they struggle to find clients, because most people prefer to do it in the beginning of the spring. These Islington carpet cleaning providers will also offer padding installation if it happens that you need one. For polyethylene furnishings steam cleaning is giving great results but for more delicate fabrics that cannot be treated with water there is dry carpet cleaning which uses just minimal amounts of moisture.

After such procedures the dust and soil built in the deep layers of the carpet is gone. This significantly improves the quality of the air that you breath, as rugs and carpets act as giant air filters and when freshly cleaned you could notice a big difference. The low humidity levels during the cold season allows for faster drying. This way you eliminate the risk for mold. Additionally you can turn the heat on and even the ceiling fan.

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Cleaning after renovation is the last step before moving family and furniture back into your newly refinished property. He came up with some innovative ideas on how to organize the whole process, and he can’t wait to share them with you. Eric has been in the UK cleaning business for years and non-professional cleaners and laymen can learn a lot from him.

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