How to Clean a Duck Oven

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oven cleaning LondonA Duck oven is a pot made of massive cast iron that is ideal for cooking dishes on an outdoor open fire. Meals prepared in a duck oven are really tasty, but the problems occur when it comes to cleaning such an oven. Many people don’t know how exactly to do it, so I decided to share my experience.

To clean a duck oven you need:

  • dish-brush and scourer pad
  • steel wool pad and steel wire hand brush

Duck oven cleaning London process:

  1. After your meal is ready and before the residue inside the duck oven dries out, wash the pot.
  2. Fill the duck oven with water up to half and place it again on the fire. Make sure that you put the lid on. While enjoy the delicious meal, the water inside the pot will boil and loose the baked-on food.
  3. Remove the pot from the fire and pour the water. Allow the pot to cool down before starting cleaning it. Once it cool enough, get some dish soap and scrub the dirt utilizing the dish-brush and scourer pad. Make sure that you don’t damage the pot coating.
  4. Once the pot is completely dry, spread a thin layer of olive oil inside the pot and let it mouth up. Thus way you’ll prevent rust.
  5. If the casserole has dried out and your meal has been burnt out, it means that your food will no longer protected from burning and sticking to the walls of the pad because of the pot coating. To clean such a mess you need a steel wool pad and steel wire hand brush. It’s not a good idea to use any oven cleaners London when cleaning your duck oven as they can reach your food next time you cook.

Taking care of your duck oven properly guarantees that you’ll have tasty meals. So don’t neglect it!

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