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Yesterday I was scrolling through some fun and interesting facts – a person can learn a lot from the Internet. Most of the facts were just useless and probably will never come in hand, but however they were amusing. It was then, when I came up with the idea to search for sofas breaking the world records. I know it is an unusual topic, but since I’m a fan of home décor and sofas in particular, I decided to do it anyway.

The biggest sofa

The World Record Association (based in Hong Kong) approved that the world’s largest sofa was the one displayed this summer on the 26th of August at a shopping mall in Shanghai. Its size was really fascinating – 6.8 meters tall and 7.7 meters wide. No wonder that people passing by it looked like dwarfs. Can you imagine performing upholstery cleaning London of this sofa? Me neither.

The longest sofa

With ten times the length of the previous record winner, the longest sofa in the world is the one that was assembled on the bridge over the Sykkylven fjord in Norway. The total length of this sofa is 890.24 meters and more than 300 volunteers from 20 different furniture factories participated in its building. A Guinness World Record representative measured the sofa and declared it as the longest in the world in front of the huge audience.

The most expensive sofa

The designer Ron Arad created the most expensive sofa in the world, which is worth $300 000. Maybe for this huge amount of money you expect it to be the softest and most comfortable sofa in the world. But you are wrong – the sofa is made of cold stainless steel and looks more like a modern piece of art than a comfy piece of furniture.

The most multifunctional sofa

OK, there is no such record as the most multifunctional sofa in the world, but I think that this particular sofa deserves recognition. This sofa is designed by the Swiss manufacturer “de Sade” and consists of the same element over and over again. You can shape the sofa the way you want – a spiral, a semicircle, a winding form or the classic straight form. The dimensions of this multifunctional sofa are width 4000mm, depth 2300mm and height 740mm – you can decorate a whole room only with the sofa.

The sofa with most unusual design

There is no winner here, because there are literally hundreds of unique, unusual, funny and interesting designs. If you are curious, type “unusual sofa design” in Google image search and enjoy.

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