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basic-cleaning-tipsHousework is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time, efforts and skill. Some of the domestic chores, such as carpet cleaning, can be really tricky, and if one doesn’t know what he’s doing, he can really get into trouble.

Here are some basic cleaning tips from Cleaner London:

  • When you start cleaning a room, always begin from the top down. You push small pieces of dust and dirt into the air, and they fall on the top of lower surfaces. Follow this rule when dusting the furniture, too.
  • Never apply a detergent or home-made cleaning solution directly to your carpet, as it may damage or discolour it. Always try it on an inconspicuous area of the flooring, such as under the sofa, first.
  • When you are cleaning a carpet stain, always work from the outside-in of it. Otherwise, you might spread it wider.
  • Avoid using aerosols for deodorising your house, if you have children or pets. They are quite dangerous, and may cause allergies, hard breathing and skin irritations. Use lemons cut in halves, instead, leave them in the smelly room and they will absorb all bad odours.
  • Vacuum the floors in your house every day. Even if your carpets look clean, there still are miniature dust particles somewhere between the fibres.
  • Avoid using bleach for disinfecting at home. You can use pure white vinegar instead. It does just as good job, but unlike bleach, it is absolutely harmless for the human organism.
  • Dust the furniture in your house at least two times a week. Domestic dust is the main irritant for people suffering from asthma and rhinitis.

These are only a few of the cleaning tips of Cleaner London. If you want to learn more about housework, and how to replace commercial cleaning detergents with home-made cleaning solutions, browse the Internet and dive into the world of cleaning.

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Author: Susan Enis

Susan Enis is a working woman with a family in London. Her best friend works in a professional cleaning London company. Susan started to experiment with different cleaning techniques, because of her friend. And now, she is an expert in that sphere – she can clean every kind of stains, spills and spots very quickly and effectively.

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