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clean pipeSmoking is a bad habit, but if it’s already part of your life, than you probably can’t live without tobacco. If you smoke the old way – using a pipe, than you definitely can benefit from some advice on how to clean your pipe – the right way.

Pipes aren’t so expensive, but to throw it away and buy a new one every time when it gets dirty, is definitely a waste of money. To avoid this situation, follow some simple tips and you will be able to maintain your pipe and use it longer.

First thing you need to know is to avoid wetting the pipe. When you use it again, the heat can cause cracks and splits, because of the rapidly drying. If it’s made from two pieces, you need to open it, to be able to clean it better.

Take a thin cable – like the one made for cycle brakes, or a thin piano wire. Whatever you use, it must be much thinner than the air hole, that you will be cleaning. According to cleaners in South Hornchurch RM13, the cable should be also flexible, to follow the curves of the pipe, so that you can twist it around, while cleaning.

If you can find such cable, you can try with a very long and thin bottle brush. Or just go the easy way and buy a special formula for pipe cleaning.Soak the pieces in it for a while and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. The problem with this easy way is that this solution contains chemicals, that can be absorbed from your lungs while smoking. So make sure that you don’t use your pipe right after the cleaning.

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