Basic Tips on Cleaning Your Garage

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Ok, the term “My” is not correct. Many men love to work in their garages on some home projects – it can be a car, few repairs and customizations, it can be a boat, a bike for son or daughter, some furniture, anything.


We men like to get our hands dirty when it’s worth it. We also like to leave a mess behind us, and let someone else to clean it up (this statement goes beyond garages or homes). Sometimes, if have nothing better to do, we go to our back yard or garage(maybe called ‘workshop’) and..well – work. However, since we are the only ones that go there, we are the only ones that can clean up after us. I know that it’s tough, you probably like the place as it is, but come on – wont you love it if you re-arranged some of the stuff, repair some other and threw away all the junk ? Perhaps scrubbed here and there ? You could always hire some professional cleaning services, but there’s nothing scary in doing it yourself.

   It’s easier than it sounds. Use the wardrobe technique – just clear everything(literally everything) out of the garage, store it into two, or three piles : the items that are good, the ones that can be repaired, and the ones that are beyond salvation and have to go. Get a bucket of warm water and scrubbing brush and begin top to bottom like you would do at home. Only here you don’t need to worry about damaging some precious wooden surface or a glass chandelier. If you haven’t cleaned you garage for like forever, some of the stains won’t go away first time, so you’ll need a second round. Floor cleaning from any oil spills or ground-in-dirt can be done with very strong detergents, just make sure to wear some rubber gloves and a mask. Also leave the doors and windows open so that it can air better. Any moss can be removed by scrubbing it off or, better way – blow it away with a garden hose. Just add to the pressure by tightening the hose’s tip.

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Author: Ethan Jefferson

Ethan Jefferson is a writer in a newspaper. His girlfriend is obsessed with cleaning and that is why he decided to share some cleaning secrets, he learned from her trough the years.

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