Add a Special Scent to Your Home for Christmas

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You may have tried a number of aroma candles and potpourri, but there are some many other ways to make your home smell nicely for the holidays. If you want to try something unusual, here are some ideas.


Bake a Cake

Is there anything more pleasant than the smell of a home-baked cake during Christmas? If you’ve never baked a cake, it’s time to try, it’s Christmas, wonders happen. A home-baked cake adds a heartwarming scent to any home which increases the amount of feel-good chemicals in human brain.

Use Lemons

Tom Colin, an organising manager from a London cleaning company, advises to use lemons as they’re natural odour busters. To make a room deodorizer get a few lemons and squeeze them, then add vodka or water. To remove odours from your wooden chopping block, just rub a chopped lemon on it.

Baking Soda

Refrigerator odours can make your kitchen less cosy and even affect the whole home. To get rid of the bad odours coming from your refrigerator, you should throw all old food away. It’s a great idea to put an open box of baking soda inside your refrigerator. You can also place an open container of ground coffee in the door of your refrigerator.

Play with Bubbles

To add a scent to your kitchen you should choose a scented dish soap. Thus way you’ll not only get your dishes clean, but you’ll also make your kitchen smell nicely. There are many scented dish soaps available so purchase your favourite aroma.

These are just a few ways to add a special scent to your home for Christmas that Tom Colin from Fantastic Cleaners suggests. Be creative and find other ways to make your home smelling fresh. Don’t forget that a nice smelling home is a cosy home, so use the tips above and enjoy Christmas.

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