How to Clean Old Door Handles

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clean vintage door knobVintage items are from the past, but can be also very modern at the same time. Having antique furniture brings a special atmosphere to your place. Vintage hardware is charming, especially on doors. It is beautiful to have an antique brass hardware, but it also needs cleaning from time to time. Usually the problem is the tarnishing of the metal. Now you can learn how to deal with it and maintain your old door handles looking the way you bought them.

Antiques are quite valuable, so what you want to do is to maintain them the best way you can. Cleaning metal can be tricky, so just follow this simple advice and you will be able to do it by yourself.

What you want to do is use gloves when cleaning, because of the chemicals you will be using. Besides, the natural sweating of your hands can damage your vintage knob further. Use fine steel wool clean the dirty surface and the little scratches. If it’s possible to remove the door handle and clean it as an element, do it. If it isn’t, then you need to protect the wood by taping the surface around the knob. Otherwise it can be stained, from the products you’ll use for cleaning.

What you’ll need to have for cleaning, is a high-grade metal polish. Apply about one teaspoon of it to the handle, using a soft cloth. Cleaning specialists from South Harrow advise to rub it good and polish it after you are sure that the product is completely worked into the door handle.

Never use any coarse or abrasive cleaners, because they will damage your vintage door knob.

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