Vacuum Cleaning the Spaces under the Bed

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No matter what type of flooring you have under your bed, vacuum cleaning is next to a must. It would be great if you clean at least once a month to pick up dust that is accumulated there. Here are some easy tips to fulfil this obligation.

London cleaning companies suggest using a vacuum cleaner with hose that will reach under the bed and interchangeable tools. Set your vacuum for the proper level, either carpet or floor.

If one side of the bed is against a wall, pull the bed out if possible. If there are any items stored under the bed, move them out. If there is a dust ruffle or bedspreads, shake it to remove excess dust and tuck it up out-of-the-way.

Use the crevice tool or small brush to vacuum along baseboard and to vacuum in the corners under the bed. Vacuum under the bed with long, straight, overlapping strokes that go from one side of the bed to the other side across the width. Vacuum twice under the bed across the width and in the corners. Be sure to vacuum around the bed also, at least a foot around the perimeter.

Get down on the floor to look under the bed. Inspect for any visible dust and go over any areas that need to be cleaned on more time. Put back storage items, arrange the dust ruffle or bedspreads and you are finished.

The best way to avoid all these cleaning chores is to hire the best London cleaners and make sure that you don’t have to spend your weekend inhaling dust.

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