Glass Stove Top – How to Prevent Scratches

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oven cleaners LondonA glass stove top is attractive and makes your kitchen looks more elegant, but unfortunately it is notorious for scratching. Avoid scratching your glass stove is almost impossible as most scratches occur during routine use, but at least you can follow these tips how to prevent scratches on glass stove tops and reduce the number of scratches on your glass stove.

  • When cooking on a glass top, try utilize only pots and pans that have smooth bottoms.
  • Daily cooking can cause burnt food build-ups on the bottom of your pans which can cause scratches. That’s why, you need to scrub the bottoms of your pans regularly.
  • If you ask an oven cleaning London professional which is the golden rule when it comes to oven cleaning, they will undoubtedly answer you that cleaning spills as soon as they occur is what you need to make your habit. Otherwise, you risk your beautiful glass stove top to get damaged. For example, sugar spills can cause pitting.
  • When cooking on a glass stove top, never…never move a pan back and forth over the burner. Just lift it a little and then move the pan.
  • To prevent scratches, you need to maintain your glass stove top clean even when you don’t use it. It’s not necessary the stove top to be hot for an item to scratch it.

In case, you read this article too late and your glass stove top is already scratched, don’t worry you can continue cooking on it and it should perform as good as before the scratches occur. Next time when purchasing any kind of stove, make sure that you contact several oven cleaners London and ask for advice how to maintain your stove the best way.

If you glass stove top is a brand new, then ensure that you pay enough attention to the tips above. And don’t forget, enjoy cooking!

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