Top 5 Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

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Want to save money in cleaning, but also to save some time and efforts? Well, then the green cleaning has to be your choice. The cleaners in London will explain to you which are the top three non-toxic cleaning products. Learn why they are so much better than the detergents from the store.

Baking soda
It’s the perfect deodorizer. The cleaners around London recommend using it when you want to get rid of some odours coming from the refrigerator or from a stain, etc. It’s cheaper than the deodorizers in the store, but it’s still more effective. It’s also common in the form of a paste mixed with water. It can clean ovens, some surfaces, etc.

Vinegar and Lemons
Why vinegar? The professional cleaners in London explain that these two can neutralize alkaline substances. The vinegar and lemon juice are the perfect cleaners for the wood surfaces. Vinegar is also well-known for its glass cleaning qualities. With a bit of vinegar and a few newspapers, everything will look shiny and perfectly cleaned.

Liquid Soaps
Another not really green, but non-toxic detergents, these are the liquid soaps. Why they are so good to clean almost everything (everyone has heard that soapy water is commonly used for everything)? Because they are non-toxic and that’s the key of the success.

The cleaners around London advise you to always choose the green cleaning. In the article above, they shared just the top three non-toxic cleaning products, but there are many more that you can learn about. Contact the experts for many more tips.

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Author: Susan Enis

Susan Enis is a working woman with a family in London. Her best friend works in a professional cleaning London company. Susan started to experiment with different cleaning techniques, because of her friend. And now, she is an expert in that sphere – she can clean every kind of stains, spills and spots very quickly and effectively.

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