Tips for Maintaining Your Central Heating System

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As many of you will be aware, London is a hard water area. While this may mean little more to you than the lime scale that builds up in your kettle, it can cause other problems too – and central heating systems are particularly susceptible. Power flushing is a modern technique used to remove sludge and other deposits that have built up in the radiators. These foreign bodies then travel through to other parts of a central heating system and can cause considerable damage.

Central Heating System MaintenanceWhen radiators begin to rust internally the iron oxide that is produced develops into what is commonly known as ‘sludge’. Power flushing can help to remove this foully named substance and once the sludge had been removed then the whole system will work more efficiently. There are a number of problems that can occur with a central heating system that may indicate that power flushing is needed.

Problems with radiators

Cold spots on radiators are among one of the first signs noticed that may indicate that there might be a problem with the central heating system.

These cold spots may suggest that the water is not travelling all the way through the radiator, and blocked pipes are likely to be the main cause of this.

If these cold spots are at the base of the radiator this could be the point where sludge has accumulated. If when bleeding the radiators the water appears muddy, this suggests that there is corrosion somewhere in the system.

The build-up of sludge will begin in the radiators and this is the reason that problems are usually noticed here first.

No hot water

If your pipes become too blocked then this may lead to hot water being unable to reach the taps. If the hot water is on but the water remains cold then this is a sign that power flushing may be needed. No hot water can be a major cause of inconvenience to a household, especially one with young children, as it prevents many daily tasks from being carried out such as bathing and washing up.

Power flushing usually takes no more than a day to complete which ensures that households are not without hot water for too long.

Problems with the boiler

If a person notices that their boiler is sounding louder when working or it is making banging noises, then this could be a sign that sludge or limescale has begun to accumulate in the boiler. If it is the pump in the boiler that becomes blocked then this can lead to poor circulation of water which will cause problems elsewhere throughout the system. If you don’t know how to cover boiler pipes, you should learn.The boiler is probably the most important part of the central heating system in terms of keeping everything working and therefore any problems with it should be treated as soon as possible. Power flushing treats all aspects of the central heating system, including the boiler.

Power flushing is not just a process that is used to improve the efficiency of an old central heating system. While it is an effective solution to all the problems discussed above, it can also prevent these problems occurring if it is carried out on a new system. As part of the power flushing process, a solution is added to the water in the central heating system after it has been cleaned. This solution inhibits the corrosion process and therefore reduces the rate at which sludge will be produced.

Power flushing can increase the overall efficiency of the central heating system which means that less energy is needed to power the system. In some cases, this can reduce fuel bills by as much as 50% which makes it a very cost-effective solution to central heating problems.

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