The School of Tomorrow

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When I first saw these photos I thought that this is a project called “The School of the Tomorrow”, but then I read more about it, I found that this isn’t even a private, expensive school. Actually, this is a free school which is located in Stockholm. The amazing project is created by the Sweden free school organization Vittra which aims to promote the organization’s educational principles and methods by extraordinary physical design.

Rosan Bosch School

Rosan Bosch created the school’s interior which includes much free space for kids, colourful shapes and distinctive custom-designed furniture. Undoubtedly, all this helps kids to develop their creativity and imagination. There is no need these extra energetic children to sit at the classroom desks and stare at a blackboard all day long. They can visit a place where they can work and play at the same time. Moreover, in this colourful paradise kids’ most important tools are their laptops. As we all well know, computers and technology are humans’ future.

The School of Tomorrow

I wish there was a such nice school in London, maybe there is, but don’t know where it is, but if you have any information, please, contact me. I have a six-year old boy which is exploring the world and I’d be really glad if he has the opportunity to study in a school like this in Stockholm.

The School of Future

There are so many cleaning companies in London which will be more than glad to take care of ‘The School of Tomorrow’ and a great number of kids which will be happy to spend their time in a such amazing place.

Amazing Modern School

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