Tenancy Cleaning, Responsibilities and Obligations Start by cleaning the Windows First

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Many people, who live under rent have to take real good of the place throughout their time there. In order to receive your deposit back you have to present the place in clean an tidy condition. Which means that before you move-out, you have to take care of the tenancy cleaning. Of course that is something, that you know, as a matter of fact it’s written down in your tenancy contract. One way or another you have to get it clean right on time. If you are not sure about the whole procedure maybe you could call a cleaning company for help. The end of tenancy cleaning prices are not that high. After all you don’t have to be extremely rich to afford that sort of service.

Taking care of something easy to clean is part of maintaining clean living place at all times. You can start with the preparing the cleaning mixture for windows cleaning. Of course you could buy all you are going to need from the store. Or if you know how you can make one yourself at home. One good recipe is by mixing malt vinegar with water. It gives the surface splendid look and it doesn’t allow smears, which is very important because the most cleaners do.

You have to use, of course, protective equipment and tools. But most important is the performance. If don’t give what it takes, you won’t get fantastic cleaning results.

You have to know that the landlord will look at the end of tenancy clean and tidy unit so you’d better roll up the sleeves.

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Hi all! I love cleaning, especially deep cleaning and I want to share with all of you my great experience that I've got since I was a little girl. Do you want to ask me any questions about cleaning? I'll be happy to answer all of them :)

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