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Valentine’s day is not widely celebrated in companies, but this is a great chance for your firm to stand out and be unique. Plus, in these cold days your co-workers need something to warm their hearts. So why not celebrate Valentine’s day in your office? Here are some ideas, that you may find inspirational:

Red-themed Office Party

As you know the two basic colours, which represent Valentine’s day, are red and pink. But let’s admit it – if the decoration is all pink, your workplace will look like Barbie’s office, won’t it? And there are many people who are not big fans of pink, so better stick with red. It’s a more passionate colour and it will motivate your colleagues for the party.
You can hang heart garlands around the office to make it look more festive. Here you can find different ideas for Valentines decoration and maybe you’ll like some of them for your office.
Another great suggestion is to blow red balloons and you can even make a contest. Whoever blows the most balloons, receives a prize – 10 cupcakes for example. Everybody will be eager to compete for this sweet surprise.
Don’t forget to prepare food for the others as well, not just for the winner. Cookies, red cupcakes, conversation hearts, chocolates with strawberry filling, red velvet cake and whatever else comes into your mind. Red napkins and plastic plates will also contribute to the Valentine’s atmosphere.

“Remember the School Years” Party

Do you remember how you used to make valentine cards in elementary school? It was fun, wasn’t it? A lot of grown-ups forget what it felt like to be a kid, but some still keep the little child inside them. Bring these children out by organizing a crafts party – make valentines cards, garlands, collages, decorate cupcakes just like you used to do in school.

Anti-love Party

If you and your colleagues are not big fans of Valentine’s day, then you can completely ignore the already mentioned ideas and make a party, that you always wanted to do before, but couldn’t find a proper occasion for. Ask your colleagues what they want to do on the 14th of February and then see what’s the most common suggestion.

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