How To Prepare Your Home For A Dog

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Stratford CleaningGetting a new pet is exciting for everyone – for you, for your new animal and for your children. In order to make the transition smoother, you do need to plan ahead and make some changes in the home prior to the arrival of your fluffy friend. In addition, by planning I mean getting all the necessary items as kitty litter, cat stand, food trays and everything else it may need. According to several cleaning experts, this is good for you as you will feel more prepared and on the day you get the new animal you will know what to expect or what to keep handy.

Firstly, preparation is crucial, as it will make you think about your usual habits and it will help you change them in time. For instance, prior to getting a cat everyone in my family used to firmly close the doors at home, and that is the reasonable thing to do. However, since we’ve got a cat and she wants to move from one room to another we got used to leave the doors slightly open so that she has freedom to go everywhere she wants. Sometimes she would like to sit at a certain spot in our living room from where she can see each and everyone of us, and sometimes she would just prefer to withdraw to one of the bedrooms and sleep without anyone disturbing her. And she is entitled to do that. Cats are pretty independent creatures as you might know. So it is important to be ready for this kind of changes.

Make room in the bathroom for the kitty litter and clean it on a constant basis. Be prepared for all sorts of pet messes. Cats sometimes vomit and you should clean everything as soon as it occurs. Remember to keep windows firmly closed especially if you live at higher floors. It is a myth that cats have 9 lives and sometimes, opposite to popular belief, they don’t fall on their feet! It is important to keep poisonous plants away from reach as cats chew grass, which helps their indigestion, but poisonous plants might cause trouble. Don’t forget that because they are relatively small, curious and fit easily in tight spaces, cats can sneak out and hide your wardrobe or other cupboards. Don’t forget to let them out. In addition, check the washing machine after you have loaded it, because some cats are attracted to the action going on there and might hide inside the laundry. Check before you start the cycle.

According to professional professional cleaners in Streatham because cats don’t smell as much as dogs and are relatively low-maintenance you should be fine remembering those simple rules. They are mostly common sense and things learned from experience, but people sometimes tend to forget them.

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