How to Look After Your Car

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What is your car to you? Just an object that you own, means of transportation or something more. Every car shows what is the owner like, it matters how you drive it, how you clean it, what you keep in the trunk. Cars are like pets you have to take care of them, if you do they will take care of you.


Maintaining your vehicle is not an easy task but at least you can check under the hood once a month. Another thing careful where you park your car. You never know somebody can scratch it leave a mark on the bumper, if you parked too close to another car somebody can leave you a bump on sides from their door. Don`t park under trees as well because something from the tree might fall on your car.

This brings us to the next topic cleaning the car. If you neglect your car you might get a sign  wash me it happens a lot especially in winter. So here are some helpful tips on cleaning the outside of your car.

  1. Park your car in a large area near your house.
  2. Put a little car washing soap in a bucket with water.
  3. Before washing the car with the bucket put your garden hose and rinse the exterior to remove any loose dirt or leaves on it.
  4. Use a sponge and cover the car with the soap mixture.
  5. After the car is covered in the soap start spraying the car with the garden hose until you remove all the soap. Make sure you spray a lot under the fender and on the rims.
  6. It is a good idea to dry the car with a rag or cloth, you can use a squeegee before that to remove the water.
  7. Put wax on the car and put tire shine on the tires.
  8. In the end spray your rims and you already to go.

Cleaning your car inside is even easier.

  1. Take out all floor carpets and beat them a bit. Then wash them with the garden hose with a little soap and let them dry off.
  2. Vacuum all the floors, seats and the trunk.
  3. In the end wipe the dashboard, interior handles, radio and steering wheel with a towel with anti dust cleaner.
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Author: Eric Carter

Cleaning after renovation is the last step before moving family and furniture back into your newly refinished property. He came up with some innovative ideas on how to organize the whole process, and he can’t wait to share them with you. Eric has been in the UK cleaning business for years and non-professional cleaners and laymen can learn a lot from him.

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