How to Clean Your Belly Ring

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Belly Ring AftercareHaving a piercing is modern today. If you want to get one too, you should know how to take care of it and keep it clean to avoid infections. Here are some useful tips on how to do it.

First you make sure you go to the right place to get pierced. Doing it by yourself can be dangerous, so it’s better to ask friends or to search for a recommended place on line. Make sure the person who will do the intervention is experienced, has sterilized all the tools and works with gloves. The risk of infection is reduced to minimum if these simple rules are followed correctly.

Once you’ve got your belly ring, make sure that you know the material, that it’s made from, so that you’re aware what to use when cleaning it. Don’t use any chemicals because it will slow the healing process and can be very harmful to your skin. Don’t clean it with anti-bacterial gels, they may be perfect for cleaning your hands but they should not be used on the piercing. Try a simple home product for cleaning like baking soda. If your ring is made from silver, it’s possible to get dull and loose its colour over time. The soda will bring the original colour back and make it shine like brand new again.

You can also clean your belly ring with sea salt by mixing it with warm water. It works also as a disinfectant and speeds the healing process. Clean with natural ingredients always when possible. So make your own cleaning solution and use it daily. Always remember to wash your hands before cleaning your new belly ring.

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