How to Clean the Inside of a Computer

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clean-computerOne of the main reasons why computers slow down and give errors is the dirt accumulated inside of the device. When computer fans work they push the dust and dirt into the device which reduces its functionality. So, the best way to prevent this inconvenience is to clean the inside of your computer.

If your computer has a guarantee that covers a professional maintenance you do not have do anything but to take the computer to the right place. However if you do not have such perks you have to follow the steps. And you will find them in the lines below.

1. The first thing to do before cleaning the inside of your computer is to check the manufacturer’s instructions. If there are some specific recommendations on the topic, follow them. The materials you may need for the cleaning are some metal or plastic cleaning detergent, an air can, a clean, soft brush and a microfibre cloth. If you are allergic to dust you may need a special dust mask as well.

2. You have to shut down the computer first. Then disconnect everything from the computer and remove the computer cover.

3. Use the air can to spray all the elements inside the computer. Then use the brush to remove the remaining dust. Spray the cleaning detergent you’ve picked onto the microfibre cloth. Using it deeply wipe both the inside and outside of the cover. The last step is to put the cover back to its place and reconnect all the peripherals you’ve disconnected for the cleaning.

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