How to Clean and Take Care of Precious Stones

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clean Precious Stones“Diamonds are a girls best friend” said Marilyn Monroe in the year of 1953. Until today this phrase is used by many people. Women know this is true, because they love their jewellery anyway. Not everyone can afford to wear diamonds, but there are numerous precious stones, that are also very beautiful and appreciated.

Natural coloured stones are rare and precious. Pearls, opals, corals – these are only few of the many stones, that make our jewellery unique and beautiful. Regular cleaning will make them shiny looking. Read some smart tips on how to clean precious stones.

In order to preserve our precious stones and be able to wear them longer, cleaners in South Norwood advise to wipe them with a cloth every time after wearing. Soap and water will not do the trick this time, actually you must avoid exposing your jewellery to this products, because of the ability of precious stones to absorb.

What you should also know, is the fact that organic gemstones like amber and pearls must be protected from perfume, hairspray and cosmetics, because those products can damage organic gemstones. According to cleaners in South Norwood, how you store your jewellery is also very important, in order to avoid scratches. You must keep them in different sections of your jewellery box, or wrap them in soft fabric.

For cleaning of transparent gemstones you can use mild liquid soap and water. Place the gemstones in the solution and take a soft brush to clean them gently. After the cleaning, you must rinse the stones under running water and leave them to dry on a soft cloth.

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