How to Clean a Wood Laminate Floor

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cleaning-wood-laminate-floorMany people today prefer wood laminate as an alternative to hardwood floors because they are easier to install, less expensive and last but not least easy to be kept clean and in good condition almost all the time. Cleaning such floors is fast and easy, if you have the cleaning supplies needed and know the proper way how to do it.

For cleaning the laminate floors in your house you don’t need to hire professional cleaners in sw3 but to read the following easy steps and then do them!

  1. Remove the dust from your wood laminate floor with a broom, before you start cleaning;
  2. Sweep the dust from the floor with a dry cloth to clean up any remaining particles there you missed with the broom;
  3. Use a spray cleaner for laminate floors onto a damp towel and clean with it the floor. Such cleaners can be bought from almost each local store for home improvements. Be careful when buying, read the label so you can be sure there are no soapy cleaning agents in it;
  4. After cleaning the laminate floor, you can wipe it up with a dry towel to remove any remaining water from its surface;
  5. Now it looks really great!

If you want to be sure in the cleaning product you use for your laminate floor, you can make it by yourself in home conditions. For that purpose you need to make a mixture from 1/3 water, 1/3 white vinegar and 1/3 rubbing alcohol, then put the mixture in a new spray bottle. When cleaning, you may spray it on a damp cloth and then wiping.

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Author: Robert Miles

Robert Miles is a young journalist in London – still student, but had a lot of experience. He is not a maniac when we talk about cleaning, but like every student has a lot of experience in hosting a parties. The guests can be different, but the stains are the same. Well, he is a journalist and almost an expert in the cleaning – maybe you should read some of his articles.

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