How to Clean a TV Set?

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Most people spend a lot of time in front of the TV, watching a movie or some favourite show. It is not rare, someone to have more than one TV set. Most television sets are in the living room, where we spend most of our time, so regular cleaning is highly recommended. If there is any dirt on the TV, be sure that it will attract attention immediately.

TVs are like a magnets for all dirt. Dust sticks on the screen immediately after the TV is turned on. Because of the static energy that every TV produce, an anti-static cloth or micro-fibres should be used for wiping. Plastic case TVs can be cleaned also with a moistened paper towel, after which a clean paper is applied to dry the surface. If you are not sure for the right tools, call Enfield cleaners for advice.

Be more careful, when cleaning the back of the TV. Vacuum the ventilation grilles holes with a soft brush attached to the cleaner. Also, use a slightly wet cloth to wipe the grille holes in order to prevent water sneaking in and damaging the electronics.

When you are cleaning the TV set, make sure to clean the remote control as well. Use disinfectant tissues or baby wipes to clean it. Cotton buds soaked in rubbing alcohol are great for cleaning the area around the buttons. Leave the remote control to dry itself, just wipe it clean.

Never use abrasives to clean a TV, this may ruins its screen forever.

This kind of tips, and a lot more, you will be able to receive from Enfield domestic cleaners or any other professional cleaning company.

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