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Alcohol ,in general, could be used for house cleaning. Before you start using it as a cleaner, you have to be aware of couple of things. First of all it is highly flammable, has no colour, mild odour and could be very dangerous. Therefore, it should be stored at a safe place, away from children’s reach. The most common use in the cleaning process, has the methylated spirit, it is particularly good at removing stubborn stains from glasses and mirrors. The reason why alcohol-based cleaners are not suggested for general cleaning, is because of the unpleasant smell that they have. So it is a good idea to stick with those kind of cleaners when you clean small places. Other thing is that you have to ensure good ventilation during the cleaning process. Or you should use cloth to cover your mouth and nose.

Cleaners that are based on alcohol are really good for cleaning glass objects and objects with smooth surface. Those type of cleaners evaporate quickly and therefore they don’t leave streaks. Alcoholic- based cleaners are good when it comes to clean electronic devices, like the remote control of your TV, or the keyboard of your home computer, for example. Simply apply alcohol on a soft cloth and wipe with care. Alcohol is really good at removing stains from carpets and upholstery as well. It’s recommended not to leave the treated objects for long time, because it could damage some of the plastic surfaces. House cleaning could be a nice task, if you are using the right cleaners.

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