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countertop-microwave-ovensYour microwave is your best friend in the evening when you don’t have any idea what to prepare for dinner. Ready-made meals are just heated up and then you can dine in no time. Dinner is over, dishes washed, but is the microwave clean? Check the green cleaning tips for your microwave and fight scum and odour at once.

The healthier and cheaper way to clean your microwave oven is based on using what you already have in stock. Lemon, orange and some vinegar are all the staples required for green cleaning your oven.

Deep cleaning using natural ingredients is the future of domestic cleaning. Cheap is no longer considered ineffective. First of all, empty the microwave, some people tend to store food there and other items. The oven is not a cupboard, so get all the content outside and once it is empty, get down to green cleaning. Slice the lemon in half and squeeze the juice in a bowl. 300 ml are enough. Then put it in the oven and turn it on. Cook on full power and when it is over, get a sponge and wipe all the food remaining. Dried spills will be already loosened and ready to be effortlessly removed through quick deep cleaning.

If there is a persistent unpleasant smell coming from the microwave, even after you have purified it lemon. Orange peels are the way to neutralize the odour. Microwave the fresh peels for a minute and any odour will be gone as if it has never been there.

Be wise and clean up after every spill that occurs. Thus, cleaning up will be ten times easier.

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Author: Susan Enis

Susan Enis is a working woman with a family in London. Her best friend works in a professional cleaning London company. Susan started to experiment with different cleaning techniques, because of her friend. And now, she is an expert in that sphere – she can clean every kind of stains, spills and spots very quickly and effectively.

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  1. Hello, Ann! what a wonderful idea! I, too, don’t want to get stterad with coffee. I am going to try using Ruby Red Chai b/c it doesn’t have anything called ‘natural flavor’ of this or that. It = a headache or migraine for some people. I bet I can use honey to sweeten it, too. Hey, thanks for joining in today! I am glad to come to your blog; this will be a treat to read some of your recent posts! BTW, I just ‘Liked’ you 🙂 Please would you add my button to your sidebar or this post to let others know where you linked up? I have been forgetting when I link-up and got reminded the other day 🙂 LOL Blessings ~ I’ll be back soon!

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