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Probably, the best time of my day is when I come home from a long day of working hard, put on my fluffy slippers and lie on my comfy sofa … ah, I love the feeling when the soft pillows surround my body. I can’t even imagine not having a sofa, because my after-work relaxation will be gone. It is one of the most appreciated pieces of furniture in my apartment and this is the reason why sometimes I call it “Mr. Sofa”.

Since I love my sofa so much, I decided to make a small research on its origin, history, types and so on. But instead of getting you bored with information about how the first coach was designed by the Egyptians and later on used by Romans and Greeks, I preferred to share some fun facts about sofas that I stumbled upon while doing my small research.

According to the poll about sofas that I found, the lifetime of the average couch is around 8 years. To be honest, I was shocked by this number – 8 years is not that much, I want my Mr. Sofa to live as long as I do.

The average sofa will witness 293 arguments between family members during its lifetime, but on the other hand it will also witness 1300 cuddles and 1100 kisses. It’s good to see that love prevails in this case.

Even if I am not very clumsy, I have to admit – accidents happen. Especially when I try to reach the remote while holding my cup of coffee. To be precise, according to the poll the average sofa suffers from around 1600 spillages in its lifetime. Ooops, forgive me Mr. Sofa!

The comfortable cushions will host the bums of more than 700 guests. Hmm, what if I don’t invite my friends that often? Maybe this is the way to prolong the lifetime of my beloved sofa.

The poll claims that owners will find £1.80 a month which have been dropped in the sofa. If my calculations are right, I will be £180 richer at the end of Mr. Sofa’s lifetime.

587 is the number of times that children will jump up and down the average couch. No wonder it lives that little! I have to think of a way to save my Mr. Sofa from all this jumping.

The owners of the sofa watch 782 movies and 1200 soap operas, while sitting on it. In my case, these numbers will be a lot bigger – I have to admit that I am a movie addict.

After reading all these facts, I really want to make the life of my Mr. Sofa longer than 8 years. It certainly deserves at least a regular upholstery cleaning London. This is my way of saying “Thank you for all the nice and relaxing moments!”.

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Author: Susan Enis

Susan Enis is a working woman with a family in London. Her best friend works in a professional cleaning London company. Susan started to experiment with different cleaning techniques, because of her friend. And now, she is an expert in that sphere – she can clean every kind of stains, spills and spots very quickly and effectively.

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