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It is not uncommon for carpets and rugs to have all kind of stains. However, they require a certain amount of attention and care if you  are planning to keep them in the best order. Here are some of the best carpet cleaning methods to make sure that your carpet is at its best condition.

The first thing you have to think about is vacuuming. The areas with high traffic need to be vacuumed at least two times a week, this also depends on the number of people living in the house. The best method of vacuuming is to vacuum from side to side. This will reduce the dirt and will avoid damaging the carpet.

The next step is to shampoo your carpet every six months, this will remove any dirt that is not coming out with the vacuum cleaner. You spray, the carpet, with a shampoo solution which absorbs dirt. Today there are combined machined which can vacuum and shampoo at the same time.

There are some useful carpet cleaning tips for removing stains. Of course there are all kind of spots that can affect the carpet and it is important to know how to handle each type that you may experience. There are two basic products that are excellent for removing, almost all sorts of stains, in your carpet or rug. The first one is soda water and the second is white vinegar.

When you spill something mop it up as quick as you can with a clean light coloured cloth, especially if you have split red wine. If you are using soda, in this case, you need to sprinkle some over the spot. Lay a thick towel to absorb as much as possible, while turning over the towel. Repeat the process, if needed. Use the same method if use a vinegar mix of 4/6 cold water and 2/6 white vinegar, to remove the stain.

One of the most important tips is not to let the stain get really old or it will become very hard to remove them.

However, if you do not want to clean everything on your own you can hire some of the professional carpet cleaning London services.

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