What Does Your Office Desk Say about You

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Take a look at your office desk. Is it covered with piles of unread documents? Are there any photos of your family members? Have you put any toy or funny sundries to bring you good luck or to inspire you?

The way you organize (or don’t organize) the items on your desk can say surprisingly many things about you. In the office you arrange your space in a certain way, which expresses your point of view, your goals and values.

Any manager at a company, can understand a lot about his or her employees by the look of their desks and will be able to motivate them better. Here you can a find a list of the things you should pay attention to, in order to realize what kind of person you are.

Organized Desk

The organized desk shows that you are a reliable person with timely and adequate reactions. You do the given work tasks with precision and you complete them in time. You are able to skilfully plan your working process and deal well with time management and deadlines. If you have a desktop calendar and it shows the right date and month, then this means that you are a person who is conscientiously doing his job.

Messy Desk

On the other hand, having a messy desk is not a bad thing at all. Usually creative people work well in such setting. This is the reason why creative individuals are often prematurely judged to be unproductive and lazy.

When people enter a messy office, their most common thought is that the people working hardly make any decisions and agree on something. But this is a stereotype, which is not true at all.

Strange Items on the Desk

In case you have unusual objects on your desk, this will mean that you are a creative person and you are open to new experiences. You enjoy the unknown. You love life. You are awake.

By “strange items” I mean mostly small, original pieces of art, placed near the monitor, which main purpose is to inspire and motivate you.

Innovative companies, such as advertising agencies and technological firms, try to attract creative employees and they encourage them to show their character through the decoration of their personal office space. For example, the American company Etsy has a prize of 100 dollars for every employee, who decorates his or her workplace. Nowadays, in Etsy’s offices can be seen all kinds of strange items, which are not related to the business or to each other – robots, plush octopus, old typewriters and different artworks.

Hanged Posters

Hanged posters or postcards with inspiring slogans mean that you are neurotic. People who like this type of office decoration are usually a little bit more nervous than the others. If you are one of them, don’t worry. Neurotic people often make successful projects and are really good in their job. The phrases, you surround yourself with, show your values and the desire to be understood by your co-workers. Inspiring slogans are thought to be a psychological way of keeping everyone emotionally together.

Open Spaces

Open spaces show that you are an extroverted person. People, who enjoy working while their door is open, have really comfortable office chairs and a bowl of candies on their desks. They are really hospitable, social and communicative. They want to send a message to the others, that they are always easy to reach and talk to. This is the reason why in most cases they are surrounded by many people.

The cleanliness and tidiness of your desk and your whole office can really say a lot of things to the other employees, to outsiders and clients. Therefore, you should set a certain order in your items and schedule a regular office cleaning services.

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Author: Johanna Stevens

Johanna Stevens is a student in London. Her mother is working as a professional cleaner and she taught her daughter a lot of useful home cleaning recipes. Johanna is now determined to pass them to all readers, who are interested to make their home clean and tidy for less time than usual.

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