Useful Tips For Upholstery Cleaning Part 2

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Spray a little hairspray on a ink stain and wait a minute or two before rinsing the area thoroughly.

If you need to remove a latex paint without using any heavy chemical-based products, you can use a home-made solution of one part washing detergent to twenty parts water. After that you need to soak the affected area. Keep rinsing and blotting until it comes clean.

In case you spilled wax on your upholstery, first, scrape off the excess then set a clean cloth over the stain and iron over it using a medium-hot temperature. When you remove the cloth the wax will adhere to it. Repeat this action until the last piece of wax is gone.

For an entire furniture cleaning you may use the steam method. This method uses hot water under big pressure and cleaning solutions. When using it you should firstly remove any cushions. You should place a towel or a cloth at the bottom of the upholstery to collect the water that will drip. For better results, clean small areas at a time. Do not rub the fabric, otherwise you can damage the upholstery. When using this method you need to dry your furniture before using it, use air conditioner or fans to hurry up the process. You should do this at least once a year, to extend the life of your furniture.

However, if you cannot handle the upholstery cleaning London companies, which will make your favourite furniture as it was at the first time you have bought it.

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