Unique Autumn Bouquet of Maple Leaves Roses

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September is one of my favourite months. I love the transition between summer and autumn. In September I can still enjoy the warm touch of the sun rays, along with the fresh cool breeze. Another thing I adore about September is the festival of colours which comes with it. Different shades of brown, red and yellow surround us. I think that autumn is heaven for photographers, both professional and amateurs (such as myself). On weekends, I like to grab my camera and capture the beauty of nature.


On these walks of mine, I often collect fallen leaves I find during my search for amazing photo shots. When I was little, I used to keep these leaves between the pages of an old book. Now I just put them in a small vase until they dry completely.

But recently I came across a very clever idea what to do with fallen maple leaves. Apparently, some creative person thought of a way to fold maple leaves into roses. Amazing! The autumn bouquet looks very cute and I will definitely try this idea during my next walk in the park.

Here is the full tutorial for creating roses out of maple leaves:

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Author: Johanna Stevens

Johanna Stevens is a student in London. Her mother is working as a professional cleaner and she taught her daughter a lot of useful home cleaning recipes. Johanna is now determined to pass them to all readers, who are interested to make their home clean and tidy for less time than usual.

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