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The kitchen is paramount for every housewife and this is the reason why it should be furnished and decorated according to your own preferences. But it’s easy to get confused and lost in the sea of different styles and options. I’m going to present you 4 of the most popular kitchen styles and I hope that you will find your best match among them.

Country Kitchen


Some may perceive this kitchen style as old-fashioned, but the truth is that it combines the best features of the country style and contemporary functionality. The modern appliances are comfortably set in the wooden cabinets, trying not to grab the attention, because the accent in the country farmhouse kitchen are the details. You will find yourself surrounded by amazing colour schemes such as green and blue, green and white, blue and yellow or earth tones. The basic material is wood, which is often combined with stone as a decorative element.

The utensils can be placed on a wooden hanger, similar to that for clothes. In the country kitchen you can find a whole arsenal of fresh herbs, arranged near the window. Close to the oven there may be a cork board, covered with different recipes, cut out of magazines and newspapers.

Top 3 decorating elements for a country kitchen:

  • fruit basket
  • old clock
  • framed catchy phrase

Kitchen for Romantics


The kitchen for romantics is extremely cosy and welcoming. It is painted in pastel colours – mostly pink hues, combined with white and floral motives. But if you are not a big fan of pink, you can choose light blue, yellow or pale violet hues.

In the romantics’ kitchen every item matches the others and has its own place. The pillows on the chairs match the colour of the tablecloth or the curtains. The cups and plates are arranged in a cupboard, forming a colourful palette of hues and shapes. There is a jug on the table, instead of a vase, filled with seasonal flowers. On the walls you can find a painting or a photograph with a vintage frame.

Top 3 decorating elements for a romantics’ kitchen:

  • colourful cups and plates
  • porcelain
  • flowers

Chef’s Kitchen


In chef’s kitchen everything to the last detail is nifty. All items are in the right place and can be easily found even during the most intense cooking phase. In this kitchen there is no need to create a certain mood with colours, because the great atmosphere is a result of the delicious meals and the process of preparing them. Usually the keynotes are black or grey hues, softened with white accents. The dominating materials are ceramics, glass, steel and solid wood.

There are all kinds of modern appliances in this kitchen, which can be very useful and helpful for the chef. The kitchen counter is clean and empty, so the chef can have more space for creating delicious masterpieces.

Top 3 decorating elements for the chef’s kitchen:

  • multifunctional kitchen robot
  • bottles of good wine
  • white dinner set

Modern Kitchen


The modern kitchen is sassy, with a slight touch of chaos. You will recognize this type of kitchen by the notable and unusual colours, such as red, purple, green. You can combine them with light walls and counter tops, so the bright colour will stand out even better. The table and chairs represent the latest interior design trends.

You can notice a flower in a pot or another decorative element in one of the corners, so the kitchen doesn’t look too sterile. Unlike the chef’s kitchen, here the kitchen counter isn’t empty. On the contrary, there you will find a set of herbs, utensils put in a cup, sticky notes with the grocery list, etc.

Top 3 decorating elements for the modern kitchen:

  • contemporary coffee machine
  • bar counter with at least 2 chair near it
  • magnetic knife stand

It’s not necessary to choose only one kitchen style, you may combine features from the different types and design a kitchen, which matches your individuality. To get the best out of your kitchen, you should keep it organized and clean. Here you can find more than 20 great organizing ideas for the kitchen. And for more inspiration for your kitchen design, check out our Pinterest board “Amazing Kitchens”.

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