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cleaning chrome rimsChrome rims give an unique look to every car. If you already have them, you should also be aware, that they need to be maintained, in order to look new and shiny. By a simple cleaning once a week, you will also extend their lifespan. Learn how to do it in a simple and easy way.

You might not know it, but the salt on the roads during winter time acts corrosive on your rims, as well as the brake dust. To avoid such damages, just follow the advice of professional cleaners Stepney Green and you will be able to perform this cleaning routine by yourself.

The first step is to check if your chrome rims are cool. Cleaning shouldn’t be performed on warm rims, because it may cause spotting. Spray them with water, to remove the dirt before the actual cleaning. Mix water and dish washing soap in a bucket. Take a sponge, or a wash cloth, soak it in your cleaning solution and you are ready to begin with the cleaning.

Rub gently on the rims with the cloth. Be sure to remove all dirt, brake dust and road debris from the surface. Don’t apply too much pressure when cleaning, because some of the chrome may actually be removed, due to intensive rubbing. Cleaners Stepney Green advise to take extra attention on the crevices of your rims and work with a sponge into them.

Once finished, it’s time for a good rinsing. Inspect, if everything looks the way you want to, if not, just repeat the procedure. Let your chrome rims air dry.

If you want to take extra care of your chrome rims, you can polish them with a special product. It will not only make your rims shine, but cleaning will be easier too. Never use chemicals on your rims, cause they will cause damages.

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