Tiles vs. Carpets – Which is Best for Your Home

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outsmart the dirt with tilesTiles and carpets are the two most popular flooring materials. But which is best for your home, let’s find out.

Why choose carpets? A soft carpet on the floor is a cosy addition to your living room. A newly bought carpet is a playground for kids. They enjoy its soft fluffy fibers; rolling and sitting on the carpet all they long is one of their favourite pastimes. Parents are then faced with spilled milk, various stains and, what is more, daily carpet cleaning is the only way to keep this cleanliness for longer is to be quick, preventive and to have a cleaner as friend to advise you on stain removal. Carpets are comfortable and beautiful accessory, but maintaining them is one of the toughest domestic tasks. If you’d like to have a Persian rug in your home, be ready for a stain removal challenge.

Tiles are the other option. Ceramic tiles once installed make your home look sparkling clean, just because of their polished surface. You may vacuum daily or take advantage of the promotional rates of carpet cleaning companies in London and get them deep-cleaned monthly. Unlike carpets, they do not absorb liquids and are almost stain-proof. Make sure that you use soft attachments when you vacuum, so that the polished surface will be intact and no scratches left. You can sweep, then vacuum, and mop with a solution of 1part vinegar to 3 parts water with few drops of some essential oil. The use of harsh chemicals is not necessary. Grout cleaning is the only sophisticated procedure. Mix hydrogen peroxide with water – 1 cup hydrogen peroxide to 2 cups water. Do not rinse immediately, let it sit and kill all mould and mildew spores.

Carpet tiles are the newest option. They combine the benefits of the cosy and soft carpets with the easy cleanable ceramic tiles.

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