Relocation of Your Head Office. What’s the Procedure

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Many of the companies don’t own the places, where their offices are located, but they are suppose to pay rents. This means, that every once in a while they have to move out. When it comes time for that, they have to hire a cleaning company to perform post tenancy cleaning action. In most cases this is one of the obligations, included in the rental agreement. But before that, they have to take care of couple of other stuff.

When the lease period of the rental comes to a closure, you have to be aware, by that time, to where you are moving next. You can’t wait the last moment, to start looking for another rental. In case you have decided not to prolong the current contract of your rental, you have to be prepared with a new option. Then you have to start packing all stuff like documents, office appliances and basically everything, that belongs to your enterprise and ship all that to your new location. It’s a good idea to explain to your employees, where is the new office moving at, so they could know how to get there on time the next day.

After that, the next step should be finding a cleaning company, which will perform professional end of tenancy cleaning. Supposedly you are obligated to do that, before you leave the current location. Bare in mind, that the expenses will probably be for you.

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