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mould spores, learn how to remove themThere are two main ways we can clean a home. One is by using toxic heavy duty products. This is considered irresponsible and harmful to the environment. Show that you care for your own well-being and the future of the planet, and try the green way of cleaning. Thanks to the efficient green cleaning recipe for a natural mould remover, you can deal with this stubborn problem once and for all.

Before you start cleaning, wait a minute and get familiar with the nature of mould and mildew. You should know your enemy in order to win the battle. Mould multiplies by spores. They are tiny bacteria, 4 microns big. Due to their size and easy spreading, you should wear protective mask. Do not allow to inhale hundreds of them with one breath. Your body will hardly handle it, that is why whoever works for professional cleaning services, has to be well-equipped. Health and safety should come first.

Green cleaning is gaining more ground because it is safe and cheap. Preparing green cleaning products resembles cooking to a certain extent, as you now clean with same products you cook with. Salt and vinegar are well-known for their flavouring properties. They are now famous mould cleaners.

Here is the recipe for a natural mould remover.

Mix two cups vinegar with 2 tablespoons salt. Shake well in a spray bottle, until the salt dissolves. Spray well all affected areas. Do not rinse but let it dry. Mould spores will dry with it.

Mould prevention

Tea tree oil is the perfect solution. It is very clever to use it, as tea tree is a disinfectant and deodoriser. Oil does not evaporate. Just mix water with tea tree oil and spray.

Thanks to the kind cooperation of professional cleaning services providers and the thorough information on mould and mildew, you can now test the natural mould remover and achieve astounding results.

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