Post Tenancy Cleaning London: Dirtiest Places to Clean

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behind-the-fridgeHave you ever wondered which are the dirtiest places in your lodging? Do you know where you will find the most dirt at the end of your tenancy? Read on to find out.

As a professional move out cleaning company, Post Tenancy Cleaning London has encountered all kinds of disgusting cleaning issues. They’ve seen things you won’t even want to hear about, and dealt with cleaning problems that a normal person cannot fix on his own. Here are the three dirtiest places in every lodging according to them:

  • Most people probably think that the toilet bowl is one of these places. Well, it is not, but the area behind it is. Have you ever looked what’s behind your toilet bowl? The picture is quite horrifying – hair, grout, sometimes mould and mildew, absolutely disgusting.
  • Under the sofa – almost no one cleans under the sofa, and sometimes quite unusual things, like a slice of pizza, happen to be there. Imagine what happens when a slice of pizza or some other piece of food remains under your couch for about a week or more, your lodging will smell like dead meat for weeks after you move out, if you don’t use professional post tenancy cleaning London services at the end of your tenancy.
  • Behind the fridge – I still haven’t met a person who cleans the area behind his fridge, and it gathers a lot of dirt, hair and cobwebs. Domestic spiders love to knit their nets behind the refrigerator as this area is very warm. And cobwebs are like magnet for dust particles, hair and dirt.

So, at the end of your tenancy, when you start with the move out cleaning, do not forget to clean these places, too. Your landlord will surely check them.

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Author: Ethan Jefferson

Ethan Jefferson is a writer in a newspaper. His girlfriend is obsessed with cleaning and that is why he decided to share some cleaning secrets, he learned from her trough the years.

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