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Even though I work from home, I have always loved offices with great interior design. And when I stumbled upon this modern office, which combines light, space and comfort in a spectacular way, I was amazed. Take a look at it and you will understand what I mean.


This fantastic office is the home of die Taikonauen – a German web design company, located in Berlin. Their own creative department was in charge with the reconstruction of the 420 square meters space which turned into this one of a kind working place.modern-office-design-3

The team have decided that the most important feature in the design of the office should be openness. Therefore, there are almost no doors and the walls are made from glass. Die Taikonauen rely on open and spacious places, which improve the communication between the staff.modern-office-design-5

The employees have the possibility to chat in person, exchange and discuss different ideas. Creativity is an essential characteristic for the company and this is why the office design should encourage the good flow of ideas.modern-office-design-6

The designers have also added a touch of freshness by adding green plants in every room and beside every desk. Along with the natural light, this creates the perfect working atmosphere.modern-office-design-2

Of course, a modern office like this can’t exist without break-out spaces. There is a pool table which can resolve any argument between the colleagues. modern-office-design-7

When the employees are hungry, there is no need to eat at their desks, because there is a lovely kitchen in warm colours, which is fully equipped with an oven, a fridge, a coffee machine and a TV. The great office has a roof terrace too, which welcomes anyone who wishes to think or relax under the sun.modern-office-design-8

The office furniture is also an amazing combination of modern style and functionality. The designers have chosen to use earth colours as basic colour palette. Therefore, the pieces of furniture are white, green, yellow and brown. They contribute to the natural and relaxing working atmosphere.modern-office-design-4

So, there it is – one of the most beautiful office designs I have ever seen. I’m sure that until this point you have agreed with me. I’m also positive that some of my friends, who work in the commercial cleaning business in London, would love to clean such a modern office.

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Author: Samantha Collins

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