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A Canterbury couple bought a double-decker bus for £3,000 and then turned it into their home. The improvement of the bus cost them around £11,000 but now they have fully functional home with plumbing system, diesel heating and the rest of it is powered by battery or a mains

Do you wonder why Daniel Bond and Stacey Drinkwater decided to choose a vehicle for being their first home? They couldn’t afford to take a bank deposit or get a mortgage, therefore couldn’t buy a more usual property.

The couple bought the bus from e-bay. After four months of stripping out everything and mending the old double-decker bus, Daniel managed to turn it into a luxury home with proper insulation for the cold weather. So, what’s inside this extraordinary home:

  • double bedroom
  • twin bedroom
  • TV lounge
  • bar
  • kitchen with cooker, sink and fridge
  • toilet
  • bathroom

living-in-a-bus-2Daniel and Stacey’s home has everything needed by a family and is even more spacious than some houses. It was the best solution for their problem and now they can live happily. The cost for the improving is much smaller than the cost they would have given for a real two-bedroom house.

living-in-a-bus-3The bus can still be driven and Daniel is waiting for his license, so he and Stacey can travel to their home town. The transformed bus is now located on a plot of land on the outskirts of Canterbury, which they rent.

living-in-a-bus-4Daniel and Stacey’s friends envy them and want to have a bus on their own and live next door. But who wouldn’t want that? It looks amazing, comfortable and is cheaper than a real house. I bet that most inventory clerks in London would love to inspect this home and conduct an inventory report for it.

The next project that Daniel wants to complete is transforming an one-decker bus into a bar. I can’t wait to see how this will turn out.

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Author: Ethan Jefferson

Ethan Jefferson is a writer in a newspaper. His girlfriend is obsessed with cleaning and that is why he decided to share some cleaning secrets, he learned from her trough the years.

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