How to Restore Your Carpet After Getting Wet

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Carpet cleaning is very important to extend the life of your favourite carpet or rug. You may know how to clean every stain you notice, but do you know how to repair your carpet when the carpet gets really wet. Although you use water as one of the most common cleaning supplies, sometimes it can damage your carpet.

Wet surfaces attract dust, mould and dirt. That is way you need to restore the carpet as soon as possible to prevent any type of diseases. Before taking any further action you need to know, if the water is clean or dirty.

In case, the water is clean you need to extract it as soon as you can. You may apply a disinfectant, if you want, but do not wait more than 12 hours to dry the carpet. You may use fans or air conditioner to create enough ventilation in the area, this way you will speed up drying process. However, the drying time depends on the size of the carpet.

When the carpet is damaged by dirty water you should throw it away. However, if the carpet is damaged by flood you can try to restore it. But do not forget to wear protective boots, gloves and gears during the cleaning process. In this case, you need to use disinfectants before extracting the water from the area. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new carpet instead, so make sure that your carpet is really worth it to be restored.

While drying the carpet, you need to clean the floor under it, use cleaning solutions and disinfectant, dry the floor after that.

You can also hire  carpet cleaning London companies to do the job for you. They can restore and renew your favourite carpet or rug, using high-technology machines and cleaning solutions.

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