How to Repair Cigarette Damages on Fabrics

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If you are a person, who enjoys smoking cigarettes at home and the main reason why you are reading this post is because you’ve been distracted for a moment and your cigarette fell on your couch, then I can assume that you are searching for a way how to handle the situation … am I right?! Well, do not worry we will try to help you!


Depending on how large is the damage, cigarette burns can be fixed. And to learn how exactly to do this, cleaning professionals will share with you a few easy and effective tips to use for the purpose.

1. To be honest, one of the most convenient ways to hide the damaged area is to stick lace or sequins over it. In this way you will hide the problematic surface completely. Moreover, using this tip you will be able to make your damaged garment look unique.

2. Usually, the burns are not visible on dark dyed fabrics. However, for the holes we recommend repairing the surface with some transparent fabric glue. Just add a drop of the glue to the affected area and let it dry. To fix the damage you can use a Camlin fabric glue, too.

3. Unfortunately, if you have burnt light coloured fabrics, the stains will be easy to see. Therefore you should clean them with white vinegar or soap first. Bleach can be good for the purpose, as well. Using it you will be able to lighten the stains. Our fabulous cleaners in London recommend the use of matching whitener or 3D fabric liner to fix the holes.

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