How to Repair a Vacuum Cleaner that Can’t Shut Off II

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If your vacuum cleaner refuses to switch off, don’t panic and don’t beat yourself about it. Actually, it happens way more often than you think and luckily, it’s an easy repair. The same general principles apply to all switches, no matter what the model is.

In the sequence of the previous post, we will continue with the advice of the London cleaners.

Step 3 – Replacement on Handle

With a handle-mounted on/off switch, the wires will be held onto the switch with clips. Ease these off, making sure you note which wires go to which switch. Make a note of the orientation of the switch. Discard the old switch. Take the new switch, being certain it’s the right way up and push the connectors with the wires onto the terminals. To replace the switch, position over the gap in the handle and push slowly but firmly until the clips slide into place. Plug in the vacuum cleaner and switch on and then off.

Step 4 – Replacement on Base

With the switch on the base you’ll need to remove the screws holding it in place, and then gently pull the two wire connectors from the switch. Note which wire goes where.
Remove the switch, and then put in the new one. Hold it in place while you reattached the screws. Once the new on/off switch has been secured to the vacuum cleaner, put the wire connectors on the terminals of the new switch. Replace the cover plate, then the belt and the brush before putting the sole plate back in place and securing with screws. Plug in the vacuum cleaner and switch on and off to test.

London cleaning companies offer all kind of services for a proper maintenance and repairs.

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