How to Remove Pet Hair from Around the House

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removing-pet-hairA lot of people like having pets. They like their company and consider them as part of the family. That is really nice, but there is always the problem with the hair. Pet hair tends to be everywhere – on clothes, furniture and carpets. That is not a problem any more. Here are some ideas how to remove the annoying hair:

  • With latex gloves – just add some water to the palms and rub over the hair. It will easily stick to the gloves and it will be gone in no time.
  • A slightly moistened sponge works well. Make sure it is not too wet. Squeeze the water out very well and rub the hair. A slight moisture is required to remove all the hair.
  • A vacuum works every time. Just put the upholstery and vacuum the surface. It will easily suck up all the hair.
  • Use ordinary tape for a quick and easy clean. Simply wrap it on your hand, making sure the sticky part is facing out. Then roll the tape over the area with hair. This will easily remove everything.
  • If there is hair stuck in your carpet, make a mixture of water and a little carpet or fabric softener. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and then spray the carpet. Leave the solution to dry. Then vacuum the area as usual. Cleaners Custom House explain that the softener will release the hair from the carpet and afterwards it can easily be vacuumed.
  • Try with a balloon. Remember the fun trick when you rub the balloon on your head and your hair stands up? It’s the same with pet hair. Just rub the balloon over the area with fur and it will magically stick to the balloon.
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