How to Remove Fish Odour from Your Hands

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fish-odourMany people love eating fish but the actual preparing of the fish may leave fish odour on your hands. It is not easy to get rid of fish odour, and washing your hands with ordinary soap and water won’t be enough to remove the odour. There are some commercial products specifically designed to remove fish odour, but they can be expensive. Instead of purchasing such an expensive product, use some of the suggestions below to remove fish odour from your hands next time you prepare fish.

  1. Use mild dish detergent and sugar to remove fish odour. Mix 2 tablespoons of plain sugar and some mild dish detergent into a cup or directly apply the ingredients to the palm of your hand. Scrub your hands for 2 minutes and rinse with tap water . Repeat the process several times until the fish odour is gone. This solution can also be used to exfoliate the dry skin on your hands.
  2. Use lemon juice to wash your hands. Squeeze a lemon into a plastic bowl or any other suitable container, then pour the lemon juice over your hands and let it sit for 2 minutes before rinsing with plain water. Avoid using lemon juice if you have small cuts on your hands because it will burn.
  3. Rub the front and backs of your hands into a stainless steel surface, such as pot, pan or sink, to remove the fish odour.

To remove fish odour from carpets and other soft surfaces, you can rely on carpet cleaning Wimbledon. These professionals will know what would be the best treatment for you carpet so they don’t ruin it while cleaning. However, if you don’t want to spend money on professional cleaning services, you can at least consult cleaners Wimbledon to avoid causing irreparable damage to your carpets.

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