How to Remove a Blood Stain From Your Upholstery

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No matter how hard we try, sometimes we cannot avoid getting ourselves hurt . And sometimes blood drops fall on our favourite upholstery furniture. This type of stain is much more difficult to remove once it has dried. So you need to act fast. Here are several basic upholstery cleaning tips to help you when dealing with blood stains.

The first thing you need to remember is that you should always use cold water. Otherwise, using hot water,  the stain can become permanently.

Scrub the stain gently, be careful not to spread the it into the cleaning fabric that surrounds it. For better result start from the outside in.

 You need to blot this type of stain with a clean towel or cloth that you have wetted with cold water. After that you can mix a cup of water with a few drops of dish washing liquid into a bowl and apply it to the stain. Leave the solution to submerge at least 10 minute. Then blot the spot with a dry towel.

 The next step is to pour hydrogen peroxide on the upholstery. Do not forget to test it on a hidden area. Remember that this solution is used only for white or colour fabrics. After applying it, scrub with a brush, wait several minutes and then wash thoroughly.

 Common stain shifters can also be helpful in this situation. Buy an oxygen-based solution and mix one cup of water and one spoon of the paste, apply it to the stain and let it sit that way for about two hours. Rinse the spot with cold water.

 You can also use ordinary shampoo, cover the entire stain with it and rub the area until fully absorbed.

 However you can always hire a professional upholstery cleaning London based company to do the job for you.

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