How to Easily Clean a Rug

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Rugs come in various forms, colours and styles to bring a piece of beauty in our homes. They can be very expensive depending on their quality. Except beautiful, however, rugs can be very dirty as well, especially if there are pets or children in the house. It is important to learn how to clean our rugs properly because dirty rugs can cause health problems.
One option is to hire carpet cleaning Parsons Green, but still there are many simple ways to clean rugs on your own. To clean properly your rugs, you will need a vacuum cleaner, bucket, febreze, clean cloth, dish soap, squeegee, medium-bristle brush, and fan.

  • Vacuum all visible dirt and dust accumulated on the rug surface. To remove easily pet hairs, just spray the area with febreze.
  • Make a mild solution by filling a bucket with water and adding dish soap into it.
  • Soak a soft clean cloth with your cleaning solution, and use it to scrub the rug. Start cleaning your rug from corner with circular motion, but be careful not to scrub too hard as you may damage the rug.
  • You can clean the rug tassels with a medium-bristle brush dipped with the soapy solution
  • After you finish scrubbing, use a warm water and soft cotton cloth to wash the rug. A squeegee will help you to easily remove the water
  • Use a fan to dry your rug for several hours. You can turn the carpet upside down to let the back side dry after the front area has already dried.
  • Once the rug is completely dry, vacuum it again and place it back to its place.

Parsons Green cleaners recommends avoiding harsh chemicals as they may destroy the materials and the colours of your rug.

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