How to Clean Your Dishwasher Properly

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Dishwashers are marvellous inventions that make our lives much simpler. I don’t know who invent them, but he missed something – they don’t look after themselves, you know… Maybe, I should start thinking about that kind of machine. And that leave us with the not so hard cleaning task and the question how to clean your dishwasher properly. Well, you can’t deny that if you take care of it, the machine always repays you with fresh-smelling and sparkling dishes, glasses and utensils.

You can’t hire Kettering oven cleaning company every week, can you? Occasionally, you should do the task on your own. That’s why it’s very important to know how to clean the dish-washing machine properly. Follow the guidelines and the result will be brilliant.

  1. The easiest way to clean the dishwasher from the inside is by running a cup of white vinegar through an empty cycle. That’s recommended, because that way you will remove all the grease and soap scum. The result – sparkling clean and fresh dishwasher. Oooh… lovely!
  2. Regularly, you should remove the filter so you can clean it with hot soapy water. That way it will keep working properly.
  3. Always keep the water-spray arms free of lime-scale. The oven cleaners from Kettering advise you to use a needle to poke out any hard deposit.
  4. There is an easy trick that will help you to make your dishes sparkling. You just have to run the washing-up cycle with half a lemon on the top rack. You will fall in love with the result, I promise!

I hope that you know how to clean the dishwasher now, so I’m leaving you to do the job and let me know how you did! Cheers, mates!

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Author: Ethan Jefferson

Ethan Jefferson is a writer in a newspaper. His girlfriend is obsessed with cleaning and that is why he decided to share some cleaning secrets, he learned from her trough the years.

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