How to Clean a Dog Poop from Carpet

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When your dog poops on your carpet, it can be very messy and smelly. Fortunately, there is a proper cleaning process in removing dog poops and other semi solid stuff from carpet.
The equipment that you will need includes disposable mask, rubber gloves, carpet cleaner, paper tower, water and a sponge.
Here are the few steps that carpet cleaning Parsons Green recommends following when cleaning a dog poop from your carpet:

  • 1. Dog poops may contain bacteria, so put on your disposable mask and rubber gloves as a protective measure before cleaning them.
  • 2. Lift up as much dog poop as possible by using paper towel. Be careful not to press the poop too hard as it can goes deeper into the carpet fibers making it difficult to remove.
  • 3. Throw the used paper towel in a garbage can
  • 4. Remove the remaining dog poop with another paper towel
  • 5. Use a white cloth moistened with water to blot the problematic area and pull off more poops.
  • 6. Buy an enzymatic shampoo, and spray the affected area with it. This shampoo is specifically designed to clean carpet stains including pet stains
  • 7. Use another paper tower to scrub the area using your cleaning product, and allow it to sit for several minutes
  • 8. Wet a sponge with warm water and use it to remove the cleaning solution and the dirt particles.
  • 9. Remove the excess water with a dry sponge
  • 10. Use a clean towel to wipe the area and let the carpet to dry

Test your cleaning product on small and inconspicuous area of the carpet to make sure it doesn’t harm the dyes of your fiber. Feel free to consult with Parsons Green cleaners for the best suitable cleaning solution.

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