How Often Should You Clean your Oven

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Oven cleaning is not the nicest part of home improvement, especially if you don’t have a self-cleaning one. A set of rules how often to clean or not just doesn’t exist. Some households use their ovens so occasionally, that the first actual cleaning happens two years after the purchase. It turns out that if you don’t bake a lot, then you don’t need to clean a lot, but if you forget to do it, the things will get messy.


Most of the time the oven cleaning consists in a lot of scrubbing. Some commercial cleaning products exist, but not all of them are tested enough to make oven cleaning safe. Even the strongest commercial cleaners won’t free you from scrubbing. It’s much safer if you use baking soda instead of expensive purchasable solutions. Make simple paste of water and baking soda, apply it to the walls and the bottom of your oven and leave it be for half an hour. Scrubbing will be much easier after that. This method is recommended by the experts of professional oven cleaning in London.

You can use a couple of tricks for a quicker oven cleaning. If you put your oven at the highest setting for a couple of hours, you will burn the food residue even more and instead of rubbing greasy stains, you will just have to swipe the ashes. An alternative variation is to fill an oven safe pot or an old pan with hot water. Put it inside and turn the volume to the maximum. Turn the heater off after one hour and let it cool down. A lot of the stubborn burns will be easier to scrape off if wipe away.

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