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When moving out you have to pack a lot. You can’t simply take everything from the house put it in the trunk and drive away. You have to wrap up everything first and sort it. After sorting comes packing. But you can’t put everything into bags. Most of the utilities you carry by hand, the furniture as well. Things as clothes and shoes you have to store in suitcases in order to preserve them when moving out. But the thing is that people use their suitcases for all sorts of travels.clean-suitcases

You use your suitcase when you go on vacation, when you have to go on a business trip or just visit your parents in the country village on the weekends. All that travels with a plane, car, train make the suitcase very dirty. But not only from the outside, people usually carry a lot of stuff to eat since most of the travels that you require suitcase for are long and tiring. Not to mention all the dirt they caught from the outside or even worse imagine if was constantly raining.

End of tenancy cleaning companies advise that people should clean everything from the kitchen to your shoes. Your suitcase requires also attention in order to keep it clean and your clothes when moving them in it. There a lot of useful tips how to end of tenancy cleaning, so I am going to give you a couple of pointers how to clean your suitcase for the process:
1. Empty the suitcase from everything.
2. Open the suitcase and shake it in the air, any loose dirt will fall.
3. Use a hard brush to remove any dirt from the outside.
4. Take the vacuum cleaner, remove the extension and vacuum the inside of the suitcase.
5. If there are tough stains you can use some dish wash on them, then simply rinse with water until the stain is gone.
6. It is a good idea to use some sort of a freshener to improve the smell of the inside.
7. Simply leave it to dry and you are ready to pack.

If you fail to achieve the moving and cleaning processes by yourself make sure you have always the number of an end of tenancy cleaning agency in E3 with you. They always know what to do.

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